Bunny lines and gummy smiles can also be reduced using Botox

Gummy Smile

A Gummy smile is the phenomenon that when someone smiles, their upper lip elevates and exposes their teeth and gums. Some people are bothered by this and may find it unattractive. Gummy smiles can be corrected using Botox. Small amounts of botox are injected around the nose the lower the top lip and hide the gummy smile.

“I would hide my teeth with my hand when I smiled. Thanks to Dr Nabilah I can now smile with confidence…” Sarah W 2016

Bunny Lines

‘Bunny lines’ are wrinkles which appear at the side and upper part of the nose when we smile. Many people find that these lines make them look older than they. Using botox we can reduce these lines and prevent the upper part of the face looking older than the lower half.