Soften Chin Crease with Dermal Fillers

The chn crease or 'mental crease' is a horizontal groove between the chin and the area below the lips. The mental crease can be a single deep groove, or a combination of more than one line or groove. It gets its name because it appears to be a noticeable indentation or “crease,” and it is formed near the top of the mentalis (chin) muscle.

The mental crease can contribute to an aging puckered look of the mouth area. It can also make an overly pronounced chin look even more exaggerated or “witch” like. In some instances where the mental crease is really deep (and other aging effects in the area are pronounced), a mental crease can make an individual look a bit like an aging cartoon character - sort of unnaturally old. Even in less noticeable occurrences, it can be an unappealing facial feature.