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Wedding and Event Aesthetics

Aesthetic Wedding Packages 

Congratulations - you're getting married!
At Bella Medica we understand that this can be a stressful period for you all and that you would like to look your best for your picture-perfect wedding.

We have arranged some packages for the bride, groom and wedding party members to help you all feel confident and radiant on your special day. We speak English, Bengali and Urdu.

As ever, when it comes to weddings, planning well in advance is the key to avoiding unnecessary stress and ensuring everything goes to plan, so get in touch with one of our clinics in Blackburn and Barrowford to discuss your bridal aesthetic treatment plan.

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Tailored beauty packages

A safe, clinical environment

Fully insured

Imagine having flawless skin and fitting into your wedding attire with ease… 

Book a consultation with Dr Nabilah for your event aesthetics and pre-wedding treatments. These bespoke packages include our non-surgical body contouring treatments, wrinkle softening injections, facial peels and more - and will leave both body and skin glowing radiantly with health and vitality on your most important day.

We advise that these treatments are done at least 8 weeks before the wedding for the best results as this allows time for tweakments if needed. This also allows for bruising and swelling to subside. 

Please note that these packages cannot be split between different people.

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Bride and Groom Packages

The Ultimate Package
£1500 per person 

1.    Wrinkle Reduction Treatment: 3 areas 
2.    Dermal filler: 2mls 
3.    The Perfect Peel (Face or body area)
4.    2 sessions of a body contouring treatment (Fat freezing or iLipo)
5.    Skin Boosters with microneedling 

The Radiance Package 
£1300 per person

1.    Wrinkle Reduction Treatment: 3 areas 
2.    Dermal Filler: 2mls 
3.    The Perfect Peel (Face or body area)
4.    Skin Booster with microneedling

The Glow Package 

1.    Wrinkle Reduction Treatment: 3 areas
2.    The Perfect Peel (Face or body area)
3.    Skin booster with microneedling

4.    2 sessions of body contouring treatment (Fat freezing or iLipo)

Packages available for the mother of the bride or groom and other wedding party members on request. 

Wonderful treatments, in a lovely clinic very professional

Debbie Anne Blake, Facebook review

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Contact Bella Medica Aesthetics

Make sure your special occasion is everything you could have hoped it would be - and that you look your absolute best. Get in touch with us to start planning your bespoke event aesthetics today.

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