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Dermal Fillers

- Dermal Fillers at our Blackburn and Barrowford clinics - 

Nose to mouth lines (Nasolabial lines/folds), can be significantly improved using fillers, making the skin look and feel tighter.


Nose fillers (non- surgical rhinoplasty) is done using fillers on the bridge of and tip of the nose to improve the shape, and also lift the tip of the nose. The results last for almost 2 years, and there is little to no down time unlike the more invasive, surgical operation.


Cheek fillers are used to improve the facial contour and can actually slim the face. placing the filler in the correct places can lift the middle of the face and improve sagging around the jawline and also Nasolabial area. It also helps with creating the V- shaped, snatched facial profile.


Jowls and Marionette lines are commonly filled to improve the shape of the chin, and the sides of the mouth. It instantly lifts sagging jowls and tightens the face.


Tear trough, dark circle or eye bag treatments are simply magical! By using filler to replace the lost volume under the eye, the skin appears tighter, lighter in colour and the eye bags are disguised! The results last for up to 2 years.


Chin fillers are often used to rejuvenate the face by adding some extension to the face and balancing the side profile. people often request this if they feel that their chin is too small or the chin is too rounded. Placing filler on the chin helps with creating the illusion that the face if more V- shaped.


Jaw line fillers are placed on edges of the jaw creating the impression of a more defined jawline and slimming down the overall shape of the face.


Profile balancing treatments are carefully placed fillers in regions to create a more symmetrical and balanced face. This often involves using fillers in the chin, nose, cheek, jawline, lips and temples.


Attention to detail is the key to these amazing results. Each patient is assessed carefully and a bespoke package will be created by Dr Nabilah to achieve the best results.

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Enhance lip volume and shape with our subtly administered lip fillers. All part of your bespoke lip plan.

The age of duck lips has gone. The fashion these days is to have more youthful natural lips. At Bella Medica we strive to achieve the best look for your lips. 
Dr Nabilah specialises in many different techniques to achieve the best results. 
Russian lips, lip tenting, cupid’s bow restoration and 3D lips are amongst a few techniques she uses to create the perfect pout for you. 

Please arrange a consultation for your bespoke lip plan - or find out what other wrinkle softening and hyaluronic acid-based treatments such as Profhilo we offer.

At 68 I decided I didn’t like my deep frown lines. I went to see Dr Nabilah wondering if there was anything to be done. She was so lovely and completely put me at ease. She explained the options and the possible outcomes and gave me my first treatment straight away.


The following month I returned for a top up injection and have been absolutely delighted with the result. A ‘filler’ will be needed to complete the total smoothing of the skin between my eyes and I can’t wait to have that done too. Meanwhile the photos from my daughter’s wedding show a happy Mum and not a grumpy one! Thank you Dr Nabilah for being so caring and such fun.

Dorothy T-7, Yell review

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Interested in discussing your bespoke lip filler plan? Book your consultation for dermal fillers at a time of your convenience.

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