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"10 Effective Ways to Take 10 Years Off Your Face Without Surgery"

I'm often asked this question in clinic and there is no correct answer! I have been performing aesthetic treatments for about 16 years now, which is a very long time in this industry! However, I can only advise you using my experience in practice so

these are my go to tricks...

  1. PDO threads

I know that threads have mixed reviews, so I'm going to give you my best opinion. In well trained hands threads can achieve very similar results to a full face lift. I have been doing threads since 2018 and I have patients coming back for their third facelift this year as the results last about 3 years.

PDO threads are made of the same material that we close a wound in surgery, except these threads have tiny little barbs or hooks on them that attach to the tissue below the skin and tighten. The threads themselves dissolve over a course of 3 months by stimulating your body's natural healing cells and produce collagen.

It's the collagen production that lifts the face and gives you back your youthful looks.

Some patients are just excited by the initial effects of the threads on the day of the procedure, and then message me after 3 months even more delighted!

However, there are some disadvantages of threads, mostly that some people have slower healing times and the results may take longer to see.

Here's one of my delighted PDO thread patient....

2. Dermal fillers

For those of you that don't like the idea of threads , we can always try to rebuild the lost volume using dermal fillers. Cheek fillers are the most commonly used filler to replace the volume which is often lost in the middle of our faces. Enhancing the temple region, jaw line, nasolabial folds and marionette lines can also restore a more youthful face.

3. Chemical peels

Most people think that chemical peels are for people with skin issues - such as melasma, hyperpigmentation , acne and scarring. However, they can help improve skin texture and fine lines or wrinkles. Chemical peels can resurface the skin and smooth out the lines and lessen the depth of wrinkles, giving your skin an ultimate glow. I have patients that come back every year for a chemical peel to keep the skin in good condition.

4. Skin Boosters

I tend to use Profhilo to help with laxity in the skin. The formula contains hyaluronic acid which replenishes the lost collagen in the skin , producing a tighter face or body. It really works well in the neck region too as the neck is often an area that is neglected and really shows your age when it is beginning to sag.

Other skin boosters that I have in clinic also improve the collagen production in your skin, especially when used with micro needling.

Using a product called Redensity 1 from Teoxane helps smooth out lines and wrinkles on the hands which is another area which is often overlooked!

5. Wrinkle reduction treatments

The use of wrinkle reduction injections can obviously help with wrinkles but can also be used to tighten the jawline and help with sagging jowls. These injections reduce lines above and around the lips region, commonly known as barcode or smoker's line. These injections can also be used under the eye to smooth out the skin. I often slim the face by injecting the masseter muscles which are used to chew and move the jaw.

These are just some of my treatments that I offer. If you feel like you would like a consultation with me for a 10 years younger treatment, book and bring a photo of yourself to give me an idea of what you want to look like again!

Thanks for reading!

Dr Nabilah xx

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