Anti-wrinkle Injections

Using Anti Wrinkle injections, the muscles of the face are relaxed and wrinkles are removed.

Please note that free top ups can only be done within 4 weeks of the initial treatment. If a top up is required after 4 weeks , additional charges will apply.

   Price List

Treatment Price
Forehead £175
Crow's Feet £175
Brow Lift £175
Cheek Slimming £175
Bunny Lines £100
Gummy Smile Reduction £150
Upturned Corners of the Mouth £100
Smoker's Lines £150
Chin Dimple Reduction £100
Underarm Perspiration £450

** Refunds are not available, as results can vary


1 area £175
2 area £230
3 area £260

Dermal Fillers

Hylauronic acid injections are used to smooth away lines, filling wrinkles and enhancing areas suchs as sunken cheeks, correcting shapes of noses and plumping lips.

Treatment Price
Nose to mouth lines From £270
Jowl lines or Marrionette lines From £270
Lip border From £160
Lip Fillers From £270
Tear trough, dark circles and eyebags From £350
Frown lines from £150
Cheekbone enhancement From £350
Nose shaping From £350
Jaw sculpting From £350
3D liquid facelift Price on asking

Chemical peels

TCA peels can be used for acne, scarring and dark pigmentation improving the overall appearance of skin.

TCA peel From £400 (includes 4 peels, creams and sun blocks)
Perfect Peel™ for acne, skin whitening and dark pigmentation from £350

i-Lipo (Laser fat reduction)

Loose 1-2cm in each session using a low level laser placed on problematic areas with stubborn fat. Also known as 'Lunchtime liposuction' The procedure is painless and does not result in cuts or bruises.

Treatment Price
Arms £85 per session
Abdomen £85 per session
Back £85 per session
Thighs £85 per session
Chin and neck £85 per session
Buttocks £85 per session
Hips £85 per session
Chest £85 per session


1 sessions £85 per session
4 sessions £300

You will lose between 2-4cm on average after eaach session Mulitiple sessions are needed to achieve long lasting results for each targeted area.

PDO Thread Facelift

Mono thread facelift From £600
Full COG Facelift From £950 - £1200

For Full details visit the PDO Thread Facelift Page


Cryolipolysis, is a medical procedure that helps get rid of excess fat cells underneath your skin.

Per Area £150
4 Areas £500